6 Reasons Mulberry Silk is good for you

It's about health and lot more!
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Why Mulberry silk is good for you!

Mulberry silk is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe or bedding collection. It is well-known for its hypoallergenic properties and it’s adored by the rich and famous for its luxuriant feel. But in practical terms, why should that matter to you?

Today, we are surrounded by artificial materials and invisible pollutants. Many of us suffer allergies, acne, eczema, asthma and a host of problems brought on by our environment. Cotton and manmade fabrics, like satin, use chemical dyes and other treatments. Is it any wonder, our skin, our hair and our bodies struggle?

Check the 6 Reasons Mulberry Silk is good for you shown below. It’s no wonder Mulberry silk is so highly sought after because of its health benefits.

6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - health benefits
6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - Naturally healthy
  • Sericin is a natural anti-ageing agent, that helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Silk is resistant to mould, fungus, and mildew.
  • Mulberry Silk OEKO-TEX 100 certifies our products are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals and dyes.
Morton Mulberry Silk

1. Mulberry Silk is naturally healthy

In its natural state, Mulberry silk is resistant to mould, fungus, mildew or dust mites. This is not surprising as the silk cocoon is designed to protect the Silkmoth pupa from such things. The silk contains a range of amino acids and proteins to enhance that protection. It is these characteristics that allow Mulberry silk to protect you!

Mulberry Silk is composed of two main proteins –fibroin and sericin. Fibroin is what gives silk its amazing strength and flexibility. But it is sericin that is used in the cosmetics and medical industries. It has a natural resistance to infection and has been shown to improve skin elasticity. It also contains anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties.

Another reason why Morton Mulberry Silk products are so good for your skin and hair is that they are certified under OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This means they are independently tested and shown to be non-toxic and free of all harmful chemicals and dyes.

Morton Mulberry Silk

2. Silk prevents Allergies

Why is Mulberry silk ideal for people who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies? Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic. What does that mean? Simply put, it means Mulberry silk is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It’s free of harmful products that might irritate our skin, bring out eczema or cause rashes.

One of the primary causes of allergies is dust mites. Cotton can harbour large quantities of microscopic dust mites but, as previously mentioned, silk is free of these pesky pests due to its structure.

Sleeping on silk bedding will mean your skin won’t be irritated by the fabric. Your allergies won’t be triggered by hidden pests. And with its natural anti-bacterial components, silk won’t be a staging site for bacteria, like cotton.

Neal B. Schultz, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New York, is quoted as saying “People are very rarely allergic to silk. Which is because silk is free of any potentially irritating added chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens (and resulting skin conditions).”

6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - reduced allergies
  • Mulberry silk is anti-bacterial.
  • Mulberry silk does not contain products that might trigger allergies, eczema, skin irritation or allergies.
  • Silk discourages dust mites.
6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - great skin
  • Pure silk is hypoallergenic.
  • Mulberry silk is smooth and prevents ‘morning face creases’.
  • Silk doesn’t chafe the skin or dry it out.
Morton Mulberry Silk

3. Mulberry Silk is good for your Skin

It’s not just the hypoallergenic properties of silk that make it so popular. Unlike cotton and manmade fibres that can draw moisture from your skin while you sleep, silk does the opposite. Mulberry silk can replenish that moisture that would otherwise be lost, to keep your skin fresh and vibrant. This is great news for those with dry or flaky facial skin.

If we get the chance, most of us would likely spend as much a third of our life asleep. So it’s not surprising we’ve all woken after a night’s sleep on a cotton pillow with creases on our faces. It’s not a good look but the creases fade quickly enough. Unfortunately, the damage is cumulative. And over time, the creases can become wrinkles.

The good news is the smooth surface of silk doesn’t catch or chafe the skin. Sleeping on silk bedding can improve your skin’s appearance. It can even slow down the visible effects of ageing.

Morton Mulberry Silk

4. Mulberry Silk adds lustre to your Hair

Your hair is an important part of who you are. You probably spend time each day tending to it, nurturing its looks, and caring for its health. Hair comes in all types – straight, curly, long, short and, these days, almost any colour!

But how do you treat your hair at night? Do you simply let it take its chances on a cotton pillowcase? If so, all your hard work during the day could be undone.

Cotton and many other fibres can snag hair, albeit slightly. But each time it pulls on the roots it will have an effect. Split ends, breakages, tangles or simply a frizzy mess.

Mulberry silk pillowcases have a soft, smooth texture that allows hair to slide across its surface, damage free. In the same way, silk helps your skin retain moisture, silk can keep your hair softer too.

6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - silky hair
  • Mulberry silk reduces the split ends and frizzy hair that is caused by cotton pillowcases.
  • Mulberry silk pillowcases are great for all kinds of hair – curly, dry, long, …
6 Reasons Mulberry silk is good for you if you wear scrunchies
  • Mulberry silk scrunchies don’t pull or damage your hair.
Morton Mulberry Silk

5. Mulberry Silk scrunchies are kind to hair

Hair benefits from more than just Mulberry silk pillowcases. Silk hair scrunchies are especially ideal for those with curly hair. Its smooth texture will prevent the pulling of this type of hair, which is often more delicate. And they look good!

Mulberry silk typically absorbs about 30% less moisture than scrunchies made from a cotton fabric. This will prevent hair dryness. Its hypoallergenic properties can also prevent problems for those with sensitive scalps.

At Morton Mulberry Silk, we use the best 22 momme Mulberry silk in our scrunchies.

Check them out here.

Morton Mulberry Silk

6. Silk helps you sleep better during hot flushes

Hot flushes (also known as hot flashes) are one of the most common and frustrating aspects of menopause. As many as 80% of menopausal women suffer from hot flushes. As its name suggests, the sufferer suddenly – without warning – feels uncomfortably hot, especially around the face, neck and chest.

When hot flushes happen at night, they can result in profuse sweating, leaving the bedding damp or even wet. The discomfort leads to a disturbed night’s sleep and feeling groggy the next day.

Silk is a natural heat regulator. It is a lightweight, breathable material whose permeability allows your body to warm or cool as needed. Silk’s ability to wick moisture away help to keep you cool as it does this without getting damp, so you stay dry. This is a great advantage over cotton, which will soak up any sweat and leave you damp and clammy.

6 Reasons Mulberry Silk is good for you - during menopause
  • Mulberry silk helps maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep – even with hot flushes.
  • Silk can help you sleep better.
  • Mulberry silk bedding will reduce the damp, clammy feel after a hot flush and night sweats.
6 reasons Mulberry silk is good for you - silky luxury
Morton Mulberry Silk

Enjoy the benefits – and the feel of luxury!

There’s no doubt that Mulberry silk has many health benefits. What’s great about silk is that in addition to these benefits, you get to feel good bout yourself just by wearing silk.

It’s a gorgeous fabric favoured by the rich for millennia because it looks great and feels so good to wear. Treat yourself today! Whether for your health or to just feel good.

At Morton Mulberry Silk, we have a stunning range of pillowcases, scrunchies, and facemasks. New products are added regularly.

At Morton Mulberry Silk, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our customer service. All our products are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 so you know they are non-toxic and free from harmful additives. We also only sell Mulberry silk momme 22 – which denotes a denser weave and high quality.

Check out our range of Mulberry silk products today – you deserve it!

Morton Mulberry Silk

And... mulberry silk is a great gift!

Giving silk as a gift has a long tradition. It is said that a princess in China, about 1,700 years ago, was promised in marriage to the king of Khotan. She wanted to give a great gift to her new people. So she smuggled silk moth pupae, mulberry trees and the skills needed to start a silk culture. Was it a good gift? Until then China held the monopoly in silk worldwide – under pain of death. But just a few decades later Khotan had a thriving and prosperous silk trade. A wonderful gift indeed!

To give your loved one a wonderful gift does not require anything so bold or dangerous. But giving silk as a gift can’t fail to be appreciated. The beauty and quality of 22 momme Mulberry Silk show how much you care.

A present to your loved one of a silk product – whether it’s a silk pillowcase, a silk hair scrunchy or a silk sleep eye mask – is a romantic gesture. Silk has always been associated with luxury. It feels good. And, as shown above, it has many health benefits.

Traditionally, the twelfth wedding anniversary involved giving silk to your partner. Today, some opt to give pearls. And others mark their fourth wedding anniversary with the giving of silk, Whichever tradition you follow – a silk gift remains the romantic gesture.

Browse our range of high-quality Mulberry silk products for something appealing you can give for an anniversary, a romantic date, a special day – or simply to show you love them!

Silk is a great gift for him and it’s a great gift for her! For a loved partner, parent, sibling or close friend, show them you care today

Mother’s Day is March 19th, and Morton Mulberry Silk is here with the gift ideas you need to show Mum just how much she is loved and appreciated. The gift of a pure silk pillowcase, sleep eye mask, or beauty accessories will shower her with luxury and love.


Morton Mulberry Silk offers a selection of luxury 100% Mulberry silk products to help improve your sleep, skin and hair. If you have a passion for the finer things in life then our range of handcrafted silk pillowcases, sleep masks, facemasks and gift boxes will not disappoint.
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